“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.” – Dorothea Lange
“I think that the audience should not be able to tell if it is real or not real - it should be an enhanced version of reality, or an artistic view of reality, that captures not only what is physically there, but what is not visible - the mood.” – Vilmos Zsigmond
Whether commercially or on a personal level, we always strive to create imagery that is not only striking, but encourages the viewer to interpret and expand upon the narrative present in our work.

For us, the experience of the shoot is paramount. This is why, when on assignment, we do not impose arbitrary time limits on our clients, which might otherwise compromise the final product. When you are in front of our lens, you are the single most important entity in our world. We firmly believe that the best results are achieved when everyone on set is able to relax and let their guard down around one another. As such, regular breaks and the little fika here and there are common occurrences to let us and our clients take a moment to recuperate and evaluate how the shoot is progressing. 

Not only will you have a great time hanging out with us, but you'll also receive an end product that will fit just as well in your portfolio as on your wall. 

Thank you for stopping by and let's shoot!
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